Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Grad Show 2012

Hey last week was the opening night of my graduate show, which went really well. It gave me the chance to meet people from the industry, seeing what they thought of my work and advertise myself as a designer. The theme for our show was based around the show 'Mad Men' so we all had to dress up as if we were from the 1960's and had a photo shoot so loads of very embarrassing were placed on the wall overall it was serious fun, but I wouldn't rush to do it again.Overall there is some pretty high standard of work from some of the students making the overall show a giant success.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

End of year graduate show 2012

At the moment I am preparing for my graduate show and have been required to create banners of my work. Also for the second one I've created a whole new piece of work.

Free Banner (May 2012)
Lyrics from 'Twin Atlantic'- 'Free'
For this banner I took some lyrics from one of my favourite songs to express myself as a designer. I chose this because it speaks of being yourself and never giving up. Also through this I wanted to show one of the key aspects of graphics which is type and making it into imagery showing freedom within it. Without out freedom you can't have creativity, therefore design would be so boring and there really would be no point to it.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


CCAD Alumni- CCAD Brief (April 2012)
For this the brief was to create a logo for the alumni, a logo that would get past students of the college to take part. My concept was to show life through movement and the chance of growth, so a swirl replaced part of the 'a'. Also a leaf has been placed above the 'i', this has been done in a different colour to add depth to the logo.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Eye Magazine

Eye Magazine- CCAD Brief (March 2012)

For this brief I was required to create the outer cover of eye magazine so I decided to do a calligraphy special. The inspiration for this was Manny Ling a renowned calligrapher, who recently came in to CCAD to do a workshop, which is when I created my two images. The first of the two on the front is a photograph whilst the second is an inverted image. Overall it expresses calligraphy through the use of thick and thin lines.

Fashion Week

Fashion Week- CCAD Brief (March 2012)

Here I've created a campaign for Middlesbrough Fashion week. The idea was to show real people so it would attract people from different walks of lives. This overall in my opinion is successful through the consistency of imagery and colours and the way it is easy to undertand and the same type is used throughout.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

uni photo

For my photo montage project. Hartlepool.

This was one of my favourites from this project
it shows my friend Blu looking out at the marine 
capturing the landscape around.